Farah's Villas interior design by Colacion Studio

The award-winning Colacion Studio is an international interior design firm based in Southern California, established by Yvonne Colacion, a designer with over 25 years of experience in the architecture and design profession. Colacion Studio is sought after by clients who have an understanding of how our surroundings can impact our lives.

The philosophy of Colacion Studio is to evoke the evolution of an idea – creating beautiful, yet intellectually stimulating spaces. Colacion Studio seamlessly creates a unique tailored experience for each new assignment all carefully curated with unique individual stories focused on how we live our lives. This philosophy, paired with Colacion’s understanding of global design aesthetics with the emphasis on locale, has allowed the firm to work with a select group of clients around the world.

While skillfully utilizing international and domestic resources for projects abroad and at home, the firm has provided its innovative hospitality experiences, intimate homes, elegant estates and coveted retreats at sea, and luxury multi-family residences with environments that have lasting impact.

Drawing from Yvonne’s expansive knowledge of worldwide business and lifestyle experiences, Colacion Studio continues to provide innovative design solutions to create timeless and memorable spaces, which are as unique as each of its clients.

From a Hamptons-style estate in Los Angeles to an Orientalist villa to an Art Deco-inspired penthouse in the Middle East, and refinements to styling a Monterey Style home in Beverly Hills for a young couple and their family, Colacion Studio designs unique residential interiors across the globe. Yvonne understands the positive yet unspoken influence that a beautiful environment can have on individuals, guests and families while at home. Colacion Studio creates timeless and memorable interiors, which truly reflect the lifestyle and personality of each of its distinguished clients. To create distinct and inviting spaces that meet the expectations of its discerning clientele, Colacion Studio strategically utilizes a wide range of international resources for one-of-a-kind custom furnishings, textiles, and finishes.

Colacion Studio approaches each retreat project with the goal of creating an ambiance that is uplifting to the spirit and soothing to the soul. Yvonne has created memorable retreat getaways for both large and small hospitality brands in North and South America. This understanding of the heightened leisure experience at land also extends to the sea, including the Motor Yacht 360°, a 155-foot superyacht based in the French Riviera, which offers one of the most timeless and innovative designs in the yachting industry today. Yvonne’s other retreat designs focused on respecting the guest, the land, and the sea, inviting each guest on their own individual journey.

Interior design detail of Farah's Villas by Colacion Studio
Dining room on 360 Degrees Yacht

Drawing from her senior leadership roles with some of the most prestigious international design firms, Yvonne skillfully provides clients with innovative spaces to support work. All of which are strategically focused on the user’s experience. With a careful understanding of the ongoing evolutionary nature of how we, as professional humans, gather, share, learn and build communities, Yvonne believes in blurring the boundaries of hospitality and work. She has assisted several hospitality groups and well-known innovators like Convene in creating an amenity-focused environment.

This focus with a clear understanding of how humans engage with one another started some time ago with the award-winning Tamdeen Group’s office space. This client, embedded in the leisure, entertainment, and retail industries, required Yvonne to curate a 55,000 square foot timeless corporate headquarters design to support Tamdeen’s ever-changing multi-cultural and multi-generation workforce in the Middle East.

innovative workplaces,

elegant estates and

coveted retreats at sea

detail and hallway at Convene