Tandeem Group Interior designed by Colacion Studio

architonic.com — Tamdeen Group

Tamdeen Group’s new 55,000 square foot corporate headquarters was initiated under the aegis of architectural firm RTKL International. However, due to the global recession, RTKL’s Corporate Interiors Group in Los Angeles and Chicago were dissolved. It was then decided that Yvonne Colacion would continue to lead the project through completion. This was a natural decision as Colacion was the Vice President of Corporate Interiors at RTKL’s Los Angeles office, and had developed a rapport with and understanding of the client. The success of any design project is largely about professional chemistry between the owner and/or owner’s representatives and when this works, the momentum stays in place. Colacion completed the design of the corporate offices; with the client team and relationships well-established, this transition was smooth and effortless.

In early conversations with the Tamdeen Group on the topic of branding this prestigious real estate development company, having a creative understanding of integrated real estate commercial development, and the enhancement of communities, was critical. Having just completed a fairly involved brand analysis with the brand specialist FITCH, Tamdeen Group’s concept of its brand was well in place.

The design needed to reinforce their brand and mission statement but also needed to be authentic to the Tamdeen Group’s visionary perspective of the retail experience in the Middle East, as well as its thriving commitment to the firm’s surrounding community. Colacion Studio focused on creating a three- dimensional physical space, which translated the Tamdeen brand both internally and externally. It was important to this client that the physical space be both dynamic and charismatic, as well as celebrate the firm’s cultural heritage.

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