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The new 55,000 square foot corporate office space for the Tamdeen Group, was initiated in concept to support an international real estate development company headquartered in Kuwait, with strong development ties to major commercial development properties throughout the Middle East.

This corporate headquarters project was initiated under the aegis of RTKL International. However, due to global recession, RTKL’s Corporate Interiors Group in Los Angeles and Chicago group were dissolved. With design, it is largely about professional chemistry, the Tamdeen Group approached Yvonne Colacion, the former RTKL vice president / project designer. They encouraged her to open her own studio and continue to lead the project. The transition was seamless, the momentum was maintained, and the project went on to become an overwhelming success.

Embrace diversity and change while assessing the conversations of permanency. This approach could speak of simply flexibility. However, for this retail development company, the word style, trend, and timeliness certainly came into play.

Colacion Studio - Interior Design Lounge