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Interior Design — Best of Office 2012

Call it a tale of two businesses: A Kuwait-based real estate developer initiated an ambitious headquarters project under the leadership of Yvonne Colacion, then a vice president at RTKL International. When the designer’s corporate interiors division at RTKL Los Angeles fell prey to the economic downturn, the client was loathe to let her get away. In fact, the Tamdeen Group thought so highly of Colacion, the firm urged her to open her own studio and continue shepherding the project.

Fortunately for everyone involved, she did. Light is a focus—visitors often find themselves surrounded by or walking toward it—and Colacion proved a master manipulator, factoring in how silhouettes and shadows would fall. The neutral palette works well as backdrop for the “on-display” concept the team developed: a stage of sorts on which to showcase modern design while upholding a progressive Arab cultural heritage. Interiors are muted but never bland, somber not stuffy, elegant without pretension; many details allude to intricate elements of Moorish architecture.

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