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Commercial Design Trends, Vol. 28, No. 8 — Tamdeen Group

First impressions count – especially for a company that develops high-end retail malls and holds a luxury brand franchise.

For Tamdeen Group in Kuwait City, the move to a new corporate headquarters provided the ideal opportunity to reinforce its brand and mission statement, and cement its position as prestigious international real estate development company.

Designer Yvonne Colacion, initially working as vice president for RTKL Los Angeles’ Corporate Interiors Group and then with her own company, Colacion Studio, was contracted to design an office interior that would celebrate the surrounding Middle Eastern community and history.

“There was also a need to recognize Tamdeen’s diverse workforce and its international profile,” Colacion says. “The firm incorporates several business groups, which all operate a little differently. Essentially, we needed to create a design tapestry that would connect all these elements.”

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